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Android Commission - Google - Nan Coffey

Google Android 2014 -  19 Piece Art Commission

Android Island 36”x48”
Why Did It Have to be Snakes 36”x48”
Dawn of Donut 36”48”
Dr Frankandroid 36"x48"
The WonderlAndroids 36"x48"
Mines Bigger 36"x48"

I Can't Really Comment on Rumors 40”x40”
This Painting is Brought to You by the Letter L 40”x40”
No, You're Out of Order! 40”x40”
Android 101: The Cake Stand 40”x40”

London Calling 30”x30”
The First Date 30”x30”
Nice Try, Frosty 30”x30”
The Encounter 30”x30”
The Rebels 30”x30”
Flavor of the Weak 30”x30”
Membership Has Its Privileges 30”x30”
Oh Please Oh Please Oh Please 30”x30”
Plus Love 30”x30”

All images are Copyright 2016 Nan Coffey. All rights reserved.


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