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Photo By: John Schulz

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Are you a digital artist?
Nope. Everything is hand painted using acrylic. 

How do you get your colors so bright?
I use high quality paints and lots of layers of colors.

What do you call your art?
I consider myself a pop artist, but I often refer to my art as "Art All Over" for my particular style. I also call my audience participation works of art "Inclusion Art". 

Do you do commissions?
It depends. I'm currently working on a new body of work. I can always find time for things I am really interested in doing so you can email and someone will get back to you!

How often do you paint?
I typically paint 6-7 days a week and often lose track of time as I work into the night. I regularly show progress photos and works in progress for people to see on my Facebook page. 

I’m a gallery owner and I'm interested in carrying your work.
Awesome! We offer a great package to help galleries get started, including signage, gallery exclusive prints, artist appearance opportunities, drop shipping and marketing materials.  Use the contact form at the bottom right corner and someone will get back with you shortly. 

I'm with the press/media or reputable blog, can we set up an interview? 
Yes, go to the online Press Kit page to get more info.