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Press coverage
Musack’s 7th Annual Rock N’ Roll Carnival Parties On To Support Kids!
Daily Ovation - October 07, 2017
The Mighty Mighty BossToneS on Jimmy Kimmel Live! featuring the art of Nan Coffey.
Jimmy Kimmel Live! - March 16, 2017
What Happens When Music Vanishes From Schools? Enter Donick Cary's MUSACK Charity
Billboard - October 05, 2017
" This culminated in the entire HomeTown ThrowDown #19 being tagged and illustrated by Nan, which crescendoed into a visually breathtaking experience and an inspirational tribute to the band in which I've spent most of my life."
MIghty Mighty BossToneS - January 11, 2017
INTERVIEW: Nan Coffey and Julie Bergonz
KTNV - August 05, 2016
"Some part of me is in every single piece of art I create. I flow my own stories, experiences, memories into all of my paintings. These inclusion pieces especially are filled with moments of my own life — music I love, my family, friends, events from my life. I think I do that as a way to connect to others, to see how my stories and experiences overlap with others. I believe that we are all connected, we are all one. This is my way of showing that belief, visually."
Connecting communities through art
The San Diego Union Tribune - May 11, 2016
"By using Facebook, Local San Diego Artist, Nan Coffey, creates a platform for people to share their stories with her to become a part of her artwork-involving hundreds of people together in one inspiring painting."
Connecting the World Through Art
Good Morning San Diego - KUSI - April 04, 2016
One painting with 200 stories
CW6 - April 15, 2016
"I’ve found that so many people are going through the same life experiences. I’m creating a space for people to connect and it’s through my art."
San Diego Artist Invites Guests to Contribute to Her Creation
Pesidio Sentinel - May 02, 2016
"“My passion is involving people in my art and connecting them with it,”"
Vanguard Culture - April 11, 2016
"“The response I received on my first public participation painting was amazing. People reacted in such a loving and joyous way and made me realize what my true purpose was.”"
Inclusion art
Mission Valley News - April 08, 2016
"The idea of these characters not being connected themselves but always reaching out to connect to other characters…I think I’ve always done that. I’m just doing it on a much, much larger scale now."
Artwork Archive Featured Artist: Nan Coffey
Artwork Archive - June 15, 2015
"This large-scale original painting spans 178 square feet and is symbolic of Nan’s journey as an artist. It is a visual representation of her inner desire to show people what goes on in her head as well as her desire to stand up, stand out and show people that she is capable of creating whatever her mind conceives, and at whatever size she conceives it."
“(When She’s) Ten Feet Tall,” Nan Coffey
Art Business News - December 15, 2014
"San Diego artist Nan Coffey made an appearance at the Stephen Clayton Gallery during the Coronado Art Walk on September 14th for the release of her print “Some Sugar at the Del”"
Local Artist Nan Coffey Releases Print of “Some Sugar at the Del” at Coronado Gallery
ECoronado - September 16, 2013
"Their food is fantastic to say the least! This summer they are opening their 13th location in downtown San Diego on the corner of First and Broadway and they’ve hired me to create a permanent installation of original paintings for this new location."
Tender Greens Blog - May 30, 2013
Nan Coffey
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