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Art All Over | Skulls!

Skulls in Progress

Last month while out doing some shopping, I came across some super rad plastic skulls in a department store. There were rows and rows of them staring out at me from across the aisle, all exactly the same and all perfectly lined up and calling my name. I knew as soon as I saw them that they would make perfect canvases for my art. I love the idea of taking objects that are cheaply manufactured in bulk and turning them into unique pieces of elevated art. Just think of it - there are 1,000s and 1,000s of these skulls in the world that all look exactly alike - that is, until I got my hands on a few of them...

Throughout the years of producing art, I have developed a very good understanding of what medium will work with different types of textures and surfaces. It’s a strange talent to develop, but I can touch pretty much any object and know if it will take paint or ink well and what brand and application will work the best. As soon as I picked up the first skull, I could tell that Sharpie pens would work great on these. Sometimes with new objects that I acquire, I will do a tiny test area just to be sure the medium I think will work best actually will work best, but in this case, I just went for it and began to draw all over them. I did not pre-plan any of the art for any of these - as with a lot of things I do, I was able to visualize how each one would look when I finished, so I allowed the images to flow from my mind, through the Sharpie, and onto the skulls. As I worked, each one took on a different theme from Tiki to Voodoo to David Bowie to (of course) The Clash.


Bone Daddy Skull
Tiki Bone Daddy Themed Original Skull
The Clash Skull

The Clash Themed Original Skull

Nan Coffey Skull Bite Me
Voodoo Themed Original Skull


Bowie Skull
David Bowie Themed Original Skull

Mc Donald Art Skull
Ronald McDonald Themed Original Skull

Spooky Skull Nan Coffey
Halloween Themed Original Skull

I'll be posting more pictures of the skulls in the next few days on Facebook and Instagram. Photos by Studio Schulz in San Diego, CA.

Rock On!



Here is the currently collection of all my skulls on my site:



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