What The World Needs Now is More BossToneS

Screenprint Number 500/500 of the sold out HTTD backdrop!

Last January, we released a limited edition screenprint of the backdrop I painted for the BossToneS Hometown Throwdown #19. It was an edition of 500 and it sold out in one weekend. I held onto only 10 of them for myself, mostly as a precaution in case any got lost or damaged in shipping. We are including one of these in my show at Fall, number 500 out of 500 - it has been completely customized..I hand-painted my art all over the mat and had it custom framed under acrylic. So, if you missed out on snagging one, now is your chance! This is one-of-a-kind..Let's Go!

Please note, the piece is part of my Let’s Go! Show at Fall Brewery opening June 1st and will remain on view for the entire duration of the show. It can be picked up or shipped to you AFTER the show closes (approximate close date of the show is July 1, 2018)