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The Art of Nan Coffey

Nan Coffey paints from her heart to the canvas using a unique combination of freeform methods coupled with her own stylized design aesthetic to create works that are bold, bright, dynamic and modern. Nan draws inspiration for her paintings from her childhood obsessions with the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s cinema, music, television and pop culture. Nan often includes her social media audience in her large format artworks and has started calling this process "Inclusion Art" coupled with her "Art All Over" style.

Nan’s style is joyful, playful and it appeals to art lovers of all ages. Filled with an unending imagination and a passionate desire to always be creating, Nan paints every day at her home in sunny San Diego. Her work ranges in size from several inches to huge installation works that span hundreds of square feet. 

With a penchant for good music, a true love of art and a wicked sense of humor, Nan brings a cheerful and fresh So-Cal sensibility to every work of art she creates to bring the art of Nan Coffey to everyone.

Featured Artwork

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